Here is a compiled list of question and answers from users regarding the free club penguin island membership generator. Let us know via the contact page if  your question is not answered below. Thank you for your patience.

Are the Club  Penguin Island membership codes free?

Yes these membership codes are 100% free. We have been able to generate an unlimited number of CP island membership codes using a flaw in the CP island app. This is only going to work for a short period of time because Disney will patch this up as soon as they can. So get your club penguin island membership code for free right now before it gets patched. It is still working as of  TODAY.

How long does it take for club penguin island membership code to work?

Servers are running a bit slow today meaning membership codes are being generated at a slower rate. However, once you verify you are human when receiving the free CP island membership code, you will receive the code within 2 minutes.

Do I need to download anything  to get the free Club Penguin Island membership?

NO! If anyone or any site makes you download a tool to generate a Club Penguin island membership, they are a scam. Our site doesn’t make you download anything. Simply click the “generate free membership” button and you should be able to get the free code once you verify you are a human.

Why do I need to verify I’m a human?

Good question. We have added this little nifty feature because we have realised that there are many bots online that are stealing free membership codes. Therefore we are limiting the amount each computer can receive their free code. The verification process basically checks to see if you are a human by making you complete an action. Once you have done the verification, you will receive the free membership code.