Club Penguin Island April Updates and NEW rumours

Aunt Artic updates

Hey Waddlers,

During the month of April, Disney are going to be releasing brand new updates to the world of Club Penguin Island meaning you get to enjoy even more benefits that the IOS and Android app will bring.

Here are just a few things you can expect to see in the new April updates:

  • Lots of meet ups
  • New Outfit Of The Week series
  • How-to videos
  • World Penguin Day Event
  • And much more

New rumors and what we could expect over the next few months

Since the release of Club Penguin Island, many people are speculating what could happen over the next few months in regards to the IOS and Android app.

One rumor is that there will be the return of the igloos and puffles! Puffles were the heart of the web browser game so it makes sense to bring them back right? Well that could definitely be on the cards soon enough so let’s just hope  and see what happens. Where would we  be without our fluffy friends?

Igloos were another popular addition to the game so we could expect to see them coming back over the following months. This may be another membership only feature so if you’re not a member yet, you may be missing out. Get your free Club Penguin Island membership code here if you don’t already have one.

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