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Disney has recently released their new IOS and Android app Club penguin Island. Judging from the first look of the game, it is extremely fun and has big potential to compete against games like Minecraft. However, after playing the game, we’ve come to notice one thing. The game runs on a pay to play model which means it’s impossible to enjoy the game without first becoming a paid member. Not many people are happy about this because they might not have the money to purchase the membership.  Luckily for you, we’ve created a system where you get to have a free Club Penguin Island membership. How did  we do this?

Well, our IOS and Android developers have created a tool that can generate an unlimited number of club penguin island membership codes. The platform works on all devices including Android devices and Apple devices. There’s only one requirement though – you will need a stable internet connection.  The reason is because our club penguin island membership generator connects directly to the server where it’s possible to add your penguin username to the membership list.

Because there are many online bots that steal membership codes online, we have limited the number of memberships generated by a single computer by putting together a simple verification for you to complete. This is to make sure you are a human being receiving the free club penguin island membership and not some bot stealing codes.

Club penguin island is a fantastic game and it will be growing much more in the upcoming years. It can be made better for you if you have a membership to enjoy the game rather than not have one. Without a membership you can’t enjoy all the levels, stories, puffles, and customisation that you can get from playing the game. Using our tool, you can generate a free membership code to add to the app so you can become a fully fledged member that can access all the member only activities. Reaching new levels and getting a bunch of benefits is a great way to play club penguin island.

Why we created the Club Penguin Island membership generator

We here at freecpisland.com decided in our best interest to help support the die hard club penguin fans. As soon as we found out that the IOS  and Android app is literally a pay to play app which requires a membership to even enjoy the game, we decided to exploit the game’s weakness in the beta model of the game when it was released. Our code exploited the servers at Club Penguin Island and managed to decrypt a virtually unlimited number of Club Penguin Island membership codes. While this is going on, Disney are trying to patch this glitch meaning it may not work a week or 2 from now. This means that if you want your free 12 month club penguin island membership, you should take advantage now by clicking the button above.

How to use the free Club Penguin Island membership generator?

We made the process of receiving the free membership code as easy as possible. All you need to do is hit the “generate membership” button above. Once on the club penguin island membership generator, simply do the following:

  1. Enter your Club Penguin Island username
  2. Select your platform (IOS or Android)
  3. Click connect

Once connected, do the following:

  1. Select your membership duration (3 months, 6 months and 12 months)
  2. Select number of coins you would like to have in the game. (Optional)
  3. Hit the generate button.

That’s it. Once you hit the generate button, you should be given your free club penguin island membership code. You can only use it once however so don’t send it to anyone else unless you want them to benefit from the free membership.

How does the membership generator work?

Because Club penguin island is new, there are many loopholes in the beta meaning we can utilize the server to generate free memberships using our sophisticated online tools. Disney says the game is still in beta mode meaning they still have some errors they are fixing, one of them being the membership codes. That’s why it makes sense for you to get the free membership ASAP before they patch the error!

 The generator was made for people that are addictive players of club penguin island. Your identity is safe when you get the free membership code so there should be no worry of getting banned from the game. It’s 100% safe to use.  The generator works online, so there’s no need to download APK files and install it on your computer. The online generator does  all the heavy lifting for you so all you need  to do is give your penguin username and hit the “generate membership” button. We made our generator very simple to use meaning you don’t need any coding and programming skills.

There is no limit to how many memberships you would like. You can get as many as you want if you want your friends and family to get a club penguin island membership too. However, because of malicious bots online attacking sites like this, you will need to verify you are human by completing the verification process when generating the membership code.  If you want your friends to join  in with you on the member  only activities, share this website with them so they too can join you on the club penguin island fun.

All of our unlimited club penguin island membership codes are regularly updated. Club penguin island membership codes were updated early yesterday morning so is 100% valid and working.

Do not waste your time on downloading APK files or using any other website – all of them are scams making you pay them money or download viruses on your computer. The only working membership codes for club penguin island can be found here – on freecpisland.com

We hope that using our membership generator enhances your gaming experience and will make it much greater! Please share this website on social media so your friends and family too can benefit from a free membership.